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Prayer service offers Pilger, NE residents the chance to give thanks on tornado anniversary


With the temporary location for St. John's Lutheran Church as a backdrop, Reverend Terry Makelin led dozens, who gave thanks for protection from past storms and prayed for protection from future threats.

"When God protected so many people from harm during that storm, miraculous stories," said Makelin. "And in the year prior, he's always held us in his hands. It's just appropriate that we thank Him and ask for more of that."

St. John's was one of many buildings lost to the a tornado packing winds of up to 200 miles per hour.

One community member says the service, in front of the temporary church building, was fitting for the occasion.

"It's just a positive way of, you know a prayerful way, you know members, people of Pilger just coming together in thought and prayer," said Cal Wiechman, Pilger resident.

The service included prayers, sermons and hymns.

The village may not be exactly where it was a year ago, but people say it's just as strong and will be striving again soon.

"That's gonna be a big shot in the arm for the community to see the businesses coming back," said Leon Husmann, Pilger resident. "Everybody has wondered if we can get our C-store up and going. Everything will fall into place. It's just going to take time."

A big part of Pilger's recovery process has been because of the large amount of support.

That was evident at the service.

"I'm just thankful that we were able to do it all and thankful that there's quite a few people here," said Jeanie Brahmsteadt. "And it is amazing, all the help and all the people that have done lots of things for us."

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