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Siouxland Senators weigh in on upcoming ObamaCare ruling


The U.S. Supreme Court could soon rule on the Affordable Care Act, also called ObamaCare.

It would be the third ruling on the law, but is the most complex.

The justices will weigh whether low-income residents are entitled to subsidized health insurance in more than two thirds of the states.

All three Siouxland states are part of that ruling.

Wednesday, two Siouxland Senators weighed in on the case, and the expected ruling.

Republican Senator Chuck Grassley hopes the high court will rule this part of ObamaCare is illegal and changes can be made.

"Well if they go by the law the way Congress read it and the fact that the president violated that law, they'll declare what he did as unconstitutional," said Grassley. "Then the good aspect of that is, we'll have an opportunity in Congress to make some reforms."

Grassley's Senate counterpart, Republican Joni Ernst, hopes the ruling can offer specifics to a part of the law that's vague.

"I do hope that they rule in favor that the subsidies should not be going to those exchanges which were not spelled out in the law," said Ernst.

A recent report from the Congressional Budget Office shows that repealing the Affordable Care Act's spending cuts and tax increases could add $137-billion to the federal deficit over the next ten years.

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