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North High students attend national space conference


Three North High students had an "out of this world" experience last week attending a national space conference.  After a failed rocket launch with their research onboard, there was some positive light shining on their experiment.

Rachel Hodgins, Tammy Tran, and Robert Hwang attended the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program Conference in Washington DC. The conference gives students from across the country the opportunity to design and propose real experiments to fly aboard a rocket to the International Space Station. Their project, called "Go Nuts in Space," is supposed to test if peanut allergies exist in outer space.

"I think that just being at the Smithsonian in Washington DC presenting in front of NASA officials was just amazing. I think being from a small city in Iowa to come to this big conference was just amazing," said North High School sophomore, Rachel Hodgins.

The North High project was picked out of thousands of entries. The students believe their project can make a big difference for people who suffer with allergies.

"We're hoping to help scientists find treatments," said North High School sophomore, Tammy Tran.

Although their project was among other experiments that were on the unmanned Space-X rocket that exploded right after launch, last week, the teen scientists are told their experiment will likely go up on a future flight.

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