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Sioux City City Council looks to improve air quality


 After a delay in bidding, a way to reduce air pollutants in Sioux City was approved at today's city council meeting.

Every five to six years, the media in the biofilter at the city's wastewater treatment facility has to be replaced.

Currently, the media filter is made up of wood chip composition which is biodegradable, which is why it needs to be replaced on a regular basis.

"It will start to decompose and it actually decreases the available air space between the media, so that the efficiency of the biofilter starts to fail and you would get worse odors coming from the wastewater treatment plant," said Desiree McCaslen, Sioux City wastewater treatment plant.

The replacement will cost $318,000.

The council delayed action the past few weeks to look at a cheaper and possibly more efficient alternative, but concluded that was not a viable option at this time. 

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