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Sioux Center middle schoolers get hands-on medical experience


They aren't even in high school yet, but these students are deciding if the medical field is where they want to be when they grow up.

The camp is designed for middle school students and teaches them about the different opportunities in the health care system. Students are shown careers through hands on activities as they follow a patient  through the health care experience. 

"Each day is filled with real life staged scenarios that students participating in the camp may one day experience."

This scenario involved an elderly woman with a hip fracture.

"Your neck is ok? You didn't hit your head? No."

 Instructors demonstrate each step of the patients care. The patient's blood pressure is checked, her blood drawn, and her heart rate monitored. 

"Any time that we can allow kids to have a first hand experience about what are their opportunities is an excellent thing and I really encourage parents to think about whether or not the health field is something that they feel is the right place for their child" says Cindy Cleveringa. "Finding out that it is the right place is an exciting thing, but also learning about maybe it isn't the right place is probably just as important for them."

Throughout four days they are shown the different areas of Sioux Center Health..including radiology, a medical lab, and an operating room. The students  also ¤W9 16 ]] C2.5 G 0 [[

discover how the ambulance service and emergency room operate, observe physical and occupational therapy, and learn what nursing involves. 

"I hope to some day go into the medical field as an allergist a specialty doctor because I have lots and lots and lots of allergies both life threatening and non life threatening so I figure this would be a good introduction" says Zachary Woudstra.

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