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One year later: CF Industries Port Neal location


The massive merger comes in the midst of a major  expansion to CF Industries Port Neal plant in Sergeant Bluff, Iowa. 

What a difference a year makes. Last year the majority of the construction was below or right at ground level, working to set the foundation. Well, it's safe to say they've made significant progress.

Some stats on just how big this project is: It totals around 2 billion dollars, and covers 325 acres.

So, what exactly are they doing? Right now, the plant only makes liquid fertilizer, but the expansion is focusing on granular urea.

Although excited about the potential merger, plant manager Nick DeRoos says it won't impact the Siouxland project.

"With the potential merger with OCI, that hasn't changed our commitment to this expansion. We're still full speed ahead and we're continuing with the intention of making product by sometime in the middle of 2016," said CF Industries Port Neal Plant Manager, Nick DeRoos.

Specifically to the area, the importance of having additional fertilizer lowers transportation costs to local farmers and of course the addition of Jobs.

Approximately, 1,200 people were working on construction last summer. But this summer, they've got around 3,000 people working construction for the expansion.

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