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Presidential hopefuls Mike Huckabee & Carly Fiorina try to win over voters in Siouxland


It was another busy day for politics in Siouxland Thursday.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is no stranger to the Siouxland area in anticipation of the first-in the-nation caucus in Iowa on February 1st.

He greeted people at a bakery in Sheldon, Iowa before talking to them about his domestic and foreign ideas.

His visit comes just days after he jumped to second place behind Donald Trump in a Reuters Republican national poll.

Huckabee says he hopes to move up in the next poll in Iowa as well.

"What it means for us is that people are paying attention more," said Huckabee. "It means that we're getting traction with folks around the country. And we'll certainly be on the main debate stage when it comes up in a couple of weeks in California at the Reagan Library. All of those are just steps in this long process."

Huckabee also reflected on the tragic murder of two journalists in Virginia on Wednesday and discussed the debate going on about gun control.

"What law could have been in place that would have prevented that?" said Huckabee. "He had exhibited maybe some irrational behavior signs, But nothing that would have caused gun laws to have kept him from being able to attain one."

As Mike Huckabee left Sheldon for his next stop, Carly Fiorina made her way here to Sioux Center, Iowa to talk to people about what her hopes are for the country's future.

Fiorina spoke to about 200 students and others at Dordt College's new Science and Technology Center.

She talked about one topic that would directly affect those students and that is education costs.

"Government's created that problem by getting involved too much in a college education," said Fiorina. "They've created expensive accreditation processes where the federal government decides whether a college is doing a good enough job or not."

And that led to another problem Fiorina says she sees with the government, the lack of religious liberty.

"People of faith make better leaders," said Fiorina. "We need more faith in the White House, not less. Why? Because as people of faith, we have humility. We know that there's a larger purpose than our own selfish egos."

Fiorina also discussed how she would deal with ISIS and the U.S., Iran nuclear deal.

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