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Christian organization leader agrees with Pope Francis on abortion forgiveness


The leader of a conservative Christian group, in Iowa, says he agrees with a decision by Pope Francis to allow priests to forgive women, who have had abortions, and are "contrite" in their heart.

Bob Vander Plaats, the CEO and president of The Family Leader, led a summit this week railing against Planned Parenthood, and its purported practice of selling fetal tissue.

Planned Parenthood has denied those claims that are made in heavily edited, undercover videos that have surfaced on the internet.

Vander Plaats says his heart goes out to women who have had to contemplate the choice to have an abortion, and gone through with it.

"What Pope Francis is saying is a cornerstone tenant of the Christian faith and that is to seek God for forgiveness," said Vander Plaats. "We all fall short. We're all in need of a savior. We're all equal at the foot of the cross."    

That said, Vander Plaats made it clear that abortions should end, and so should the sale of fetal tissue.

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