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Early dismissal for some Sioux City schools


On a hot day like Thursday, sitting inside with the air conditioner running, seems like a great escape.
But for some Siouxland students, that was not the case.

When the heat and humidity creates heat indices in the 90s, those classrooms can become like saunas.

That is especially true for the schools that don't have air conditioning.

Some of the Bishop Heelan Catholic schools and seven elementary schools in the Sioux City Community School District were let out two hours early today due to the heat.

"I think that the inability of some of the schools not having air conditioning does affect the students learning and concentration," said Darcella Allen, Parent.

"It gets really hot so it is hard to concentrate," said Mary Allen, 7th Grade Student.

Officials for the Sioux City Community School district say there is not a set temperature policy.

Instead, they look at a variety of factors such as humidity and feel like temperature.

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