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Elderly Sioux City woman recovering after robbery outside her home


An elderly Sioux City woman is recovering after being robbed, in the middle of the night, right outside her own home.

Sharon LaFleur was dropping off her mother Ruby Ehlers on Friday morning in Sioux City.

Just as 91-year-old Ehlers was getting out of the car around midnight, something happened they both never expected.

Ehlers was the victim of a strong armed robbery.

"I think he knocked the senses out of me or something," said Ehlers. "All I know is I was laying on the sidewalk and I was going to try and get up. And she says no lay down."

Ehlers had one foot out the car as she was about to get out.

That is when a man tried to pull her purse from her.

"Grabbed a hold of her, I said 'let go of my mom' and I tried to grab him as I was reaching across the console and everything else on the seat," said LaFleur. "And I says 'let go of my mom. I mean it now."

The man pulled the purse and Ehlers down to the ground where her head and back hit the sidewalk, according to LaFleur.

She says her mom was blacked out for about five minutes before she could respond.

The man took off down the alley around the corner of the house.

"It was terrible," said LaFleur. "I mean I was trying to yell for help and I grabbed my phone out of my purse to dial 9-1-1, told them to get up there fast."

Ehlers has minor injuries with scrapes and bruises mostly covering the left side of her body.

She says she's lucky she didn't break any bones.

And Ehlers continues to stay positive regardless of the traumatic experience.

"I don't think I'm going to go out there when it's dark," said Ehlers. "If I do I'll take a billy club with me. I got one behind my chair."

That's just a reminder of how Ehlers won't take nonsense from anyone.

The Sioux City Police Department is still investigating.

A department spokesman says they have a possible suspect in custody.

They were able to make the arrest with the description LaFleur gave them.

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