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CF Industries' Port Neal expansion continues to create more jobs


Work on the billion-dollar expansion of CF Industries' Port Neal plant began in 2012.

Today, it continues to bring more jobs to the area.

Plant manager Nick DeRoos says the company is on track for its planned mid-2016 completion date.

And, while there are currently 3,500 temporary construction workers, there will be about 400 more in the next month or two.

Right now, the plant only makes liquid fertilizer.

But, the expansion is focusing on making granular urea, which would make CF Industries the only producer in the area.

That addition will triple the total amount of fertilizer the plant produces.

DeRoos says construction is more than 50 percent complete at this time. 

He says the expansion, which he calls the largest tax base in the area, will be a great benefit for the community.

"That will continue to fund, if you will through taxes, the schools in the area for years to come," said DeRoos. "But also it provides incomes and those people buy houses. They spend their money in retail shops and such."

He says the expansion creates about 110 new, permanent jobs.

This brings CF's total number of permanent employees to about 250.

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