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Harrisburg, SD high school principal shot, wounded; students safe

Photo Courtesy: KDLT/Harrisburg, South Dakota High School Photo Courtesy: KDLT/Harrisburg, South Dakota High School

A single gunshot rings out at a school in southeast South Dakota.

The principal was hit and a student handcuffed, taken into custody. Authorities rushed to the scene around ten Wednesday morning. The high school in Harrisburg was immediately put into lockdown.

Harrisburg is in Lincoln County, about ten miles south of Sioux Falls.

The police department received a call that the principal had been shot. And the school immediately went in lockdown at 10:03 a.m Wednesday.

The incident began when a 16-year-old student from the school entered the main office through the lobby and go into a physical altercation with Principal Dr. Kevin Lein.

That's when the student pulled out a handgun and shot him. The assistant principal, Ryan Rollinger, heard the shot and tackled the suspect. The athletic director, Joe Struwe also helped out and they held the suspect until police arrived.

"I think that's a testament to the staff. They do some training about different lockdown drills in different situations and all of their training really paid off today," said Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer Sam Clemens.

One student from the high school says he was shocked by the shooting.

"He's really the best principal out there," said senior Micah Hierholzer. "He's always so supportive. He knows everyone by name by their third day here. So I mean he's a great principal."

Officers took the suspect to the Sioux Falls law enforcement center. 

The father of the suspected shooter says his son has been very quiet during the past year and he's "just mad at everybody."

We will have more information on the shooting as the investigation continues. 


HARRISBURG, SD (KDLT) Sioux Falls Public Information Officer Sam Clemens said the first 911 call came in at 10 a.m. for a shooting at Harrisburg High School in Harrisburg, South Dakota. 

Officer Clemens said a male student made their way into the main office where there was a physical struggle. 

The student pulled out a handgun and shot Principal Dr. Kevin Lein in the arm one time. The assistant principal tackled the teen and the athletic director helped hold him down. The school went on lockdown at 10:03 a.m. 

No other students or staff were involved and all are safe. The rest of the Harrisburg Schools were notified and were told to shelter in place. 

Officer Clemens said there was a massive response from law enforcement from the area.

The suspect is in custody and is being held at the law enforcement center in Sioux Falls. The handgun was recovered.  

Officials aren't releasing the name of the student or age at this time. 

Superintendent Jim Holbeck said, “All staff and students need to be taken care of physically and mentally. That’s what’s important.”

Holbeck said Dr. Lein is "in good spirits" and officials are still investigating the incident. 

KTIV's Tiffany Lane is in Harrisburg and will have more on News Four LIVE at Five.

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Harrisburg school officials say all high school students are being bused to the south middle school in Harrisburg.

Parents can pick up students there. Officials say do not come to the high school to pick up a student or a vehicle because the high school is still on lockdown.

The principal of a South Dakota high school has been wounded in a shooting, but the suspected shooter is in custody and students are reported safe.

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The superintendent of Harrisburg High School, about 10 miles south of Sioux Falls, says the principal suffered a flesh wound.
Superintendent James Holbeck tells media outlets that the suspected shooter is in custody. District administrative assistant Tracy Heiden says all students are safe.

The Harrisburg Police Department and the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department confirm officers are at the school.
The school is in lockdown. Parents have been told to stay away from school premises.

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