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Sioux City officer shot by Jamal Dean reacts to final sentencing


The final two charged with in the Jamal Dean Getaway Team faced a judge in federal court Tuesday.

The conclusion has been a long time coming for the many people involved.

That includes investigators on the local, state and federal level, but most importantly officer Kevin McCormick.

Jamal Dean fired at Sioux City Police Department officer Kevin McCormick in April 2013.

McCormick, who is now a detective, was not prepared for the tragic events that happened nearly two and a half years ago, when he was shot in the face.

"Kevin McCormick is my hero," said Forde Fairchild, an assistant U.S. attorney. "I've watched this video repeatedly and I still, as you can tell, become emotional and proud of his service to our community."

Tuesday afternoon, justice was served as the investigation into the longtime case came to a close at the Federal Courthouse in Sioux City.

Detective McCormick sat in the courtroom as he witnessed the sentencing of the last two members in the Jamal Dean conspiracy. Just across the street he made his way to his office, where he says he's now ready to focus on the future.

"Just to know that that was it, that we can now move on, we can begin focusing on the other bad guys and bad girls out there and do what we have to do to ensure that Sioux City continues to be a safe place to live," said McCormick.

After the sentencing, law enforcement officials from the local and federal level met at the Sioux City Fire and Police Headquarters for an emotional end to the investigation.

They had nothing but positive things to say about McCormick's efforts in keeping the community safe. 

"I feel like what I did, hopefully was not any different than what any other police officer that in Sioux City, in Iowa, in the United States would have done in that situation," said McCormick.

And with that, McCormick left everyone with a final message from this trying time.

"I want to be very clear of how grateful I am to my fellow officers and everybody that had a play in this," he said.

McCormick says he is not in law enforcement for himself, but for his family, children, and the community.

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