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Construction on Highway 20 nears completion with the final 40 miles


It's been more than half a century in the making, But the increase of two to four lanes on Highway 20 is nearing completion.

The Iowa legislature voted yes to a 10 cent gas tax in 2015. That means the the expansion of Highway 20 is now cruising in the fast lane.

Tuesday, Governor Terry Branstad, Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds commending all those who've made the final 40 a reality.

The increase of Highway 20 from two to four lanes statewide hasn't always been a joyride. The project has been ongoing since 1958.

"Segments opened throughout the 60's 70's 80's in Eastern Iowa. Progress all but stopped in the 1990's," said Shirley Phillips, President of Highway 20 Association. "It would take until the year 2000 for activity to resume."

After last year's gas tax increase, the expansion is now on cruise control.

"With the action that was taken during last year's legislation we now have over $200 million per year," said Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad.

What's left to complete? The 40 miles from Moville, IA to Early, IA.

In all, approximately $300,000,000 worth of road work.

Something Gov. Branstad says will create an economic boom, result in safer communities, bringing the state together.

"It eases transportation all the way from Dubuque to Sioux City," said Gov. Branstad.

If all goes well, those on the nearly 60 year journey will reach their destination in 2018.

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