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The national stories that made headlines in 2015

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This was a tragically recurring scene during 2015. Crowds fleeing another mass shooting. From a military center in Chattanooga, to a college campus in Roseburg, Oregon, then a mass shooting at a health center in San Bernardino that authorities say may have been inspired by ISIS. President Obama called it an act of terrorism. President Obama said, "The threat from terrorism is real. But we will overcome it."

In Roanoke, two journalists were killed when a gunman opened fire during their LIVE report.
And in Charleston a shooting at a black church reignited a long simmering national debate over the confederate flag.

The Palmetto state voted to remove the flag from the state capitol for the first time in 54 years. Racial tensions were not confined to Charleston with black lives matter rallies happening in cities across the country

Protesters were outraged by the police killings of unarmed black men like Freddie Gray, Jamar Clark and Walter Scott.

June saw two historic decisions from the Supreme Court of the United States.

In a 6-3 split the court saved the Affordable Care Act.

A divided court also ruled that same-sex couples can marry nationwide. while many cheered the 5-4 ruling some sharply disagreed.

In a small Kentucky town a Clerk of the Court sat behind bars for preventing her office from issuing marriage licenses.

Kim Davis made headlines again when she publicly announced she'd had a private meeting with Pope Francis during his visit to the United States.

The Holy Father made stops in Philadelphia, New York, and Washington DC making history as the first pope to address congress.

Pope Francis said,  "God bless America."

A report from congress accused Japanese auto parts manufacturer TAKATA of putting profits ahead of safety. TAKATA disputed the report's conclusion saying it had a number of "inaccuracies" but the company's faulty airbags resulted in a huge recall affecting 34 million cars.

And New England rocked the sports world in January when the patriots were accused using under-inflated balls to win a playoff game.

Tom Brady, quarterback said, "I feel like I've always played within the rules.' Meanwhile former Patriot Aaron Hernandez, Boston 
Marathon bomber Dzhkhar Tsarnaev and Aurora Theater shooter James Holmes were convicted in highly publicized trials. As they faced justice two inmates fled from it in upstate New York. The prison escape led to a weeks long manhunt that ended with one inmate dead and another back behind bars.

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