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T.J. Springer

T.J. Springer T.J. Springer

A native of Maryland, T.J. grew up not too far away from Baltimore, MD in the town of Forest Hill, where he experienced almost all types of weather extremes. From funnel clouds to Nor'Easters, he saw lots of exciting events.  A few of T.J.'s most memorable weather events were Hurricane Isabel when he was in elementary school, and that same year Maryland received around 30 inches of snow! Then later on in 2010, many on the east coast remember "Snowmageddon" where much of the northeast experienced three consecutive blizzards within a month, and the latter two were within a couple of days of each other. All in all, he's been a weather enthusiast as long as he can remember! T.J. grew up watching The Weather Channel with his dad, and that was one of the driving factors in why he wanted to become a broadcast meteorologist. He was that crazy kid who loved running out into storms and really any type of weather. He got used to my parents yelling at me "to get in the house, you're going to get struck by lightening!" Through these events, he knew I had to become a meteorologist. 

His passion for weather carried him right into his college years where he attended Millersville University! He was a proud Marauder for 4 years, where he also sang in 4 choirs, was a campus recreation referee, a member of our American Meteorological Society, and a member of their All Campus Musical Organization. Besides being a part of the earth sciences department, he was also lucky to be a part of Millersville's Music Department as a music minor. He really enjoyed the opportunity to sing and act in college and it really helped him get to the place where he is today. During T.J.'s college career he was able to become a part of Weather Watch, which was a student run, weather show where he had the opportunity to report, anchor, write, and edit. He was later given the privilege to intern at FOX 45 in Baltimore where he had the opportunity really experience the life of being in this profession as a meteorologist and news reporter. He then graduated in 2015 with his Bachelor's of Science in Meteorology.

T.J. then traveled to West Virginia in July of 2015 to Oak Hill where he became a Meteorologist and Reporter for WOAY-TV, the ABC affiliate for the area.

Besides weather, T.J. is a huge Ravens and Orioles fan, an avid skier and golfer, and loves to just hang out with friends and family! He's really excited to be a part of the KTIV family and experience Siouxland, as well as the Mid-West, and what they have to offer. T.J. can't wait to begin this chapter as the News 4 Today and Noon Meteorologist here in Sioux City. He's beyond excited to be sharing the desk every morning with Michelle and Al!

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