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Democrats, Republicans prepare for Iowa Caucuses


With just days left until the 2016 Iowa Caucuses, both parties are busy making preparations for February 1st. 

Both parties are emphasizing early registration. 

Kevin Alons, Chairman of Woodbury County's Republican Party said, "If you get registered a couple weeks, like now, so that you are on our records that shows who are registered. It just backs up the process when you have a line when we have a line of 100 people trying to register."  

Another big preparation is finding your correct precinct number and location as it could be different than your normal voting one. 

We are trying to get the word out about our Caucus locations and about where and when to go," Rick Mullin, former Woodbury County Democratic Party Chairman, said.

Candidates are busy making their final stops across the state before caucus night trying to reach as many Iowans as they can.  

"The environment that we are in those visits certainly are important as people are still trying to decide. Maybe they are torn between two or three candidates and meet that person another time or for the first time and think that's my guy or girl," Alons said.

"It's the last ten days I think when you start to see real changes and you are going to see the final poll numbers shift and consolidate and solidify and that's a very interesting time. So right now everything is tossed in the air and who knows what's going to happen by Caucus night," Mullin said. 

The Iowa Caucus begins February 1st at 7:00 p.m., but plan to arrive early as there could be long lines. 

To find your Caucus location visit either the Woodbury County Republicans or Woodbury County Democrats website.

Also, the Iowa Secretary of State's website is another resource to help find your precinct location. 


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