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Political party leaders prepare days before upcoming Iowa caucus


With the first in the nation caucus six days away, state political party leaders are making their rounds throughout Iowa to make sure everything is prepared.

There are about 1,700 caucuses across the state, one in each precinct.

Candidates continue to campaign throughout Iowa to make sure they clinch their party's ticket.

Chairs for both the Iowa Republican and Democratic parties say their candidates are going into the caucus strong.

"Each of us are going to support a candidate of our choosing on caucus night," said Dr. Cody Hoefert, chair of the Republican Party of Iowa. "But at the end of the day, we are going to rally and unify around our nominee, because we believe it's most important to defeat Hillary Clinton.

"We had a town hall last night in Des Moines and they are really pushing to the end and they're telling people you're sort of closing the deal," said Dr. Andy McGuire, chair of the Iowa Democratic Party. "They're telling people why they should vote for them."

Both party leaders say Iowa's standing as the first in the nation caucus is an important one.

They say this caucus will be a reflection of that.

"I anticipate with the depth of our field that there'll be more tickets out of Iowa,” said Dr. Hoefert. “I anticipate you can see five, possibly six tickets out of Iowa moving forward as candidates gain momentum.”

"All three of our candidates have said that they think Iowa should be first and I think that's very important," said Dr. McGuire. "We appreciate that. And I think we've picked pretty good winners in the past, not always. But I think Iowa will remain first in the nation."

Both party chairs say they are expecting record turnouts this caucus.

They will be partnering with Microsoft for an application that will help report votes to Des Moines more quickly.

Dr. McGuire says there will be a tele-caucus for military members overseas and students studying abroad to be able to vote in the democratic caucus.

She says there will also be a satellite caucus for people who can't get off work as long.

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