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National organization breaks down the issue of money-in-politics


You've seen the ads on your TV and radio, but have you wondered who's paying for them?

One national organization breaking down the issue of money and politics.

The organization is called ReFormers Caucus.

It's a group of former members of congress and governors who hope to reform the way money influences the voter and politicians.

A former congressman and member of ReFormers Caucus said over the last decade campaigns have become more and more expensive.

With that greater expense--those who don't have the money for support may decide not to run. 

He also added if we want to be a democracy, our legislation that protects naming who is funding campaigns and advertisements needs to change. 

"We've got to have a system in which the ordinary citizen and the voter counts. And that, that person is more important to the person seeking election that the person who is donating huge lumps of money into that campaign," said Former Representative Jim Leach.

Representative Leach said the groups who raise the most money may have no interest of what happens in your state. 

"If you were to ask a typical Iowan who pays for these ads, they would say they don't know. They would know the ads were for or against a candidate but they wouldn't know who paid for them."

Former congressman Leach said in Iowa we are fortunate to meet these candidates on a more personal level, rather than just through large TV and radio advertisements. 

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