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Democratic candidate Martin O'Malley drives for support days before Iowans head to the polls


More than 70 people came out to hear from O'Malley Friday night. 

Immigration, education and how to combat ISIS were topics of concern. 

O'Malley said if elected president he will strengthen the middle class and provide debt-free college.

The former Maryland governor also spoke about how he can provide new leadership for the country. 

O'Malley said the main concern he hears from Iowans, how can both parties work together.

"We're all concerned about our economy and our wages. We need to make our wages go up rather than down. But in order to do that we need to find a way to agree on some common sense things just like we use to. That allowed people to work hard to be able to get ahead and give their kids a better life."

And while O'Malley has been a distant third in all the Democratic polls, he says he isn't concerned.

He said the people of Iowa like the element of surprise.

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