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Sen. Marco Rubio and Sen. Rand Paul call out fellow presidential hopefuls while campaigning in Sioux City


The caucus countdown continues. There's only two days until Iowans cast the first votes of the 2016 election season. That means Presidential candidates are stumping for support throughout the state, including right here in Siouxland. 

Saturday, both Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Rand Paul were in Sioux City. Both candidates had packed rooms as they called Iowans to caucus.

Senator Marco Rubio was at Bev's on the River. He called the election a "turning point" for the country because in his words it's not just a choice between political parties, it's a referendum on America's identity.

Rubio says caucus-goers will be asked to decide Monday night, what kind of country they want America to be in the 21st century.

The senator went after Obama's presidency and the possible Democratic nominee, Hillary his words, this is not a time for patience, not after seven years of President Obama, this is a time for urgency and action. He talked about his final action plan in the coming days.

"Well at this point it's about trying to contact as many people as we can whether it's at these events or the ones we're doing around the state and just ensuring they come out Monday and they caucus and they caucus for me because if I'm our nominee we're going to win. We're going to beat Hillary Clinton. We're going to turn this country around," said presidential candidate, Sen. Marco Rubio.

Meanwhile Senator Rand Paul touted what he calls a "bold statement" and says he is the only fiscal conservative in the race. Paul says he thinks he'll do a lot better than what people may expect.

He says his number one priority is to defend the country and the biggest threat to national security is debt, and he believes he's the sole one candidate able to do something about it. The Senator called out two of his fellow GOP candidates, including Rubio.

"I also believe that you cannot be stronger as a nation if you're further in debt so Rubio, Cruz wanting to spend a trillion dollars more to make the sand glow over there...I think they'll create more terrorists then kill with that policy," said presidential candidate, Sen. Rand Paul.

Both presidential candidates will continue to campaign in the coming days.

Sunday, Rubio will spend the final day before Monday's caucuses rallying with supporters in Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids, and Davenport.

Meanwhile, Paul will hit Dubuque and Iowa City.

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