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Republican candidate Jeb Bush continues his trek across Iowa before caucus night


Presidential candidate Jeb Bush continued campaigning around Siouxland Saturday, heading north to Okoboji. 

The former Florida Governor stated our current government entitlement programs keep Americans in poverty rather than lifting them out of it.

Bush said his first action, if elected president, will be to ensure the United States is safe and secure. 

He said the leadership role in the Commander in Chief position needs to be restored. 

"Today we are in a situation when we are less safe than the day Barack Obama was inaugurated president of the United States. And if Hillary Clinton is elected we will continue down this path of we are all a part of the community of nations that some how we can lead from behind. Terminology I never expected to hear from the greatest nation in the world."

Bush will be in Cedar Rapids, Davenport and Clinton on Sunday before heading to Des Moines for caucus night.

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