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Cherokee County Jail expands


For members of the Cherokee Community, the expansion to the existing jail was long overdue.

"It's tax dollars well spent and it needed to be taken care of because it's been a long process," said Jim Peck, Cherokee resident.

A project idea that began nearly fifteen years ago is on the verge of completion.

Cherokee County's Chief Deputy says the new addition adds many new safety features for the jail workers.

"The garage, or in our business the "sally port" is a defiant addition that will allow us to bring prisoners in and out of the building more securely especially when they are entering and exiting vehicles," said Cherokee County Deputy Sheriff, Jeff Friedrichsen.

Other features include dorm-style cells, updated camera and electronic system, and double-layered fencing for the outdoor recreation.

Also the expansion will increase the capacity from 12 inmates to 21.

"We've be full capacity many times. Over capacity at times. That gets tricky because we have to then do a lot of extra transporting," said Cherokee County Deputy Sheriff, Jeff Friedrichsen.

The entire project was estimated at one-point-six million, but the final price tag came in under budget at one-point-two million. 

"The whole community can take pride in this jail. It's a good compromise between the amount spent on it versus what we're getting for it," said Cherokee County Deputy Sheriff, Jeff Friedrichsen.

The new facility is expected to be ready for use in the next couple of weeks.

The jail will have an open house for the community on April 8th from one to four and April 9th from nine till noon. 

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