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Decision 2016: Key primary results come in


The North Carolina Republican Primary winner is projected to be Donald Trump. Watch him speak LIVE here:

Donald Trump is projected to be the winner of the Illinois GOP Primary. 

Ohio Governor John Kasich is projected by NBC as the winner of the Ohio GOP Primary. 

NBC News is projecting Hillary Clinton is the winner of the Ohio Democratic Primary. 

Florida Senator Marco Rubio announces he is suspending his campaign. 

NBC News projects Hillary Clinton the winner of the North Carolina Democratic Primary. 

According to NBC, Donald Trump is the projected winner in Florida GOP Primary. Hillary Clinton is the projected winner for the Democratic Primary. 

NBC says the North Carolina Democratic Primary is too early to call. The GOP Primary is too close to call. 

The Ohio Democratic Party is too early to call and the GOP Primary is also too early to call. 

Results are coming in in key primary states for the presidential race.

Watch for a full wrap up on News 4 at 10. 

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