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The Ridge Golf Club

The Ridge Golf Club is designed and constructed in and around two large drainage basins that are divided by a prominent "ridge" upon which the clubhouse area is located. Each basin contains 9 holes laid out in a parkland style arrangement. Views from both the residential and mixed-use commercial areas are generally downhill across a park like setting and are frequently ? to ½ mile across to the next residential area. This gives the course a very open and unrestricted feeling creating comfortable playing conditions and the ideal relationship to and for the homes and businesses that are adjacent.

The course has five sets of tees on each hole so golfers of all skill levels can enjoy a fair challenge but be able to play appropriate length of holes and distances commensurate with their abilities. A very large range is also provided with very realistic green and fairway targets arranged to facilitate varied shots of all distances and directions. The range is also oriented into the prevailing wind and slightly downhill so that carry and shot trajectory will provide the best possible feedback from a visual standpoint. In addition a large short game area rounds out the practice facilities. This area features many variable chipping and pitching opportunities as well as multiple bunkers to simulate any shots needed on the course. Four significant lakes varying in size from one to several acres provide an aesthetic bonus as well as enhance playing strategy. These lakes also double as storm water and drainage facilities.

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The Ridge Golf Club

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