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Students donate post-prom money to local veterans


Usually when you think of prom, formal outfits, music and the special ride to and from the event come to mind.

But students at Lyons-Decatur Northeast High School will be rolling up in a less glamorous way for their final event of the year.

"We voted if we wanted to have prom prizes or charter buses, and we all voted that we would rather have that money go towards the Veterans Memorial that is currently being built," said Brianne Haskell, a senior at Lyons-Decatur Northeast High School.

On Monday, seniors at the high school presented a $2,500 check to local veterans from the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion Post in Lyons, Nebraska.

The money will go towards the Lyons Veterans Memorial Plaza where memory tiles will be placed honoring those who served.

"That's a special night of their life and they gave it up to the Veterans Plaza," said Jerry Ludwig, the Lyons VFW Commander. "We complain about our kids. I don't think we better complain about them. Because, these kids alone, during the course of this Veterans Plaza, raised close to $14,000."

Students say that money is so little in comparison to what veterans have done for the community.

"They've done so much for us and I think, just recognizing them on Veterans Day is so insufficient," said Taylor Sparks, a senior at Lyons-Decatur high School. "We need to recognize them 365 days a year."

One organizer says, this act of kindness, will go further than prom.

"We spend so much time on our kids and so much money on our kids, and you know sometimes you wonder, do you really need all that," said Melody Henneman, one of the post prom committee organizers.

That's a message the students have already picked up.

"We're truly a community that sticks together and I'm proud to be a part of that," said Haskell.

The $65,000 Veterans Memorial is expected to be completed by this summer.

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