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HEALTHBEAT 4: Youth Sports Injuries


As the temperature goes up so does the risk of young people getting injured in sports.

The Norm Waitt, Sr. YMCA plans to bench tackle football for young players in elementary school next year.

But, there are more than head injuries for parents to worry about.

"Just to be cognizant of what their kids are doing and to just keep an eye on different activities," said Dr. Michael Doarn, Tri-State Specialists.

Orthopedic Surgeon Michael Doarn says in the spring and summer kids like to be on the move.

"We encourage our patients to be outdoors and be active but there are a lot of injuries that can occur too. So, children on playgrounds, individuals if they're skateboarding or riding a bike, want to be careful with those activities too."

Dr. Doarn says players need to pay attention to avoid getting hurt.

"It's really important to have young athletes talk to the coaches, talk to their teams and have their parent involved to a certain degree to make sure they don't over do it because there can be over-use type injuries."

Some of those injuries can come from baseball and softball with players overusing their elbows.

Plus, other activities.

"We see a lot of knee injuries and ligament injuries in soccer players, some in volleyball and gymnastics."

And, the experts say sometimes what appears to be a sprain is something more serious.

"If there's a lot of swelling, And, for children especially if they not wanting to use their hand, use their arm. Not wanting to put weight on an ankle or a leg.  Those are signs that something more involved might be going on."

That's when a young athlete needs to go from being a player to a patient.

"Sometimes when you think it's a sprain can be more involved."

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