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New York Primary results


NBC News projects Gov. John Kasich to finish second behind Donald Trump in the New York Primary. Senator Ted Cruz finishes third. 

NBC News projects Hillary Clinton as the winner of the Democratic presidential primary in New York. 

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has won the primary in his home state of New York.

Trump was widely expected to beat his rivals Ted Cruz and John Kasich in Tuesday's election. The precise allocation of delegates from the state won't be determined until the vote results are calculated by congressional district, but Trump is certain to extend his delegate lead and come closer to the 1,237 delegates required to clinch the party's nomination.

Early results of the exit poll in the state show a large majority of New York Republicans want the next president to be a political outsider.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Trump had amassed 756 delegates, while Cruz had 559 and Kasich had 144.

- The Associated Press contributed to this story

NBC News projects Donald Trump as the winner of the Republican presidential primary in his home state of New York.

This further extends his delegate lead over rivals Ted Cruz and John Kasich.

The Democratic primary is still too early to call. 

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