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Organic feed mill set to open in Merrill


A defunct pork mill in Merrill, Iowa, will serve a new purpose for feed operations.

The facility is now an organic feed mill. Interstate Commodities Inc. bought the facility not long ago and spent the last couple months retooling the inside.

Interstate Organics LLC,  will be the name of the plant. Representatives for the company say the mill will cater to all animals, dairy included. Those reps said the reason for an organic mill is based on the variety of items you see on store shelves. "It gives the opportunity for more producers to have a market for their commodity that they want to raise," said Roger Hansen, the grain manager at the facility. "Especially organic."

The mill adds three new jobs to the area with the possibility of more down the road. The operation will be able to fill 10 trucks a day and up to eight different feeds in a load. "It's all about sustainable farming practices and it really comes all the way back to the environment," Hansen added. "We're not using chemicals. We're not using commercial fertilizers."

Some loads will go out as early as next week. The grand opening is May 11th.

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