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Kylie's List: Young Siouxland woman battling brain cancer fulfills her bucket list

Kylie Hayworth is battling brain cancer and is checking things off her bucket list. Kylie Hayworth is battling brain cancer and is checking things off her bucket list.

At 20 years old, you are thinking about college, dating, and hanging out friends. You're usually not thinking about the end of your life.

That's the reality for a young Siouxland woman, but she's not letting her dire diagnosis get in the way of living life. 

At 17-years-old, doctors diagnosed Kylie Hayworth with brain cancer that will eventually end her life. 

"I had cancer tumors all over my brain," says Kylie.

Kylie went through chemo and radiation.

"It didn't work, so they said, "You only have two to six months to live," and I tried a new chemo and again they said, "You have two to six months to live,"" says Kylie.

Now three years later, Kylie is 20 and has outlived the experts' opinions twice, and she's living life to the fullest. 

"When Kylie was told she was terminal and she was told she had two to six months to live she decided, "I'm going to make my list," and we just do it and ever since we've been checking things off," says Haley Hayworth, Kylie's sister. 

That's how her bucket list was born. She has some pretty crazy things on there.

"I went to Florida and I pet a baby tiger and I swam with it," says Kylie. "I got a tattoo. I went skydiving."

She's also checked off a hot air balloon ride, pet a sloth and a zebra. They're things most of us would like to do, but probably won't ever get the chance.

Kylie is squeezing the most out of the time she has left. 

"She decided that's what she wanted to do and they are all things we said, "Oh, that would be kind of fun to do," so we said, "That sounds fun. Let's do it," and that's how we did it," says Haley.

She also met Gabriel Iglesias, a big time comedian, and was crowed homecoming queen. She took a train ride with her grandma in Arizona, ziplined over gators in Florida, and swam with dolphins, but maybe one of the most exciting and unique things she's crossed off her list?

"I went to Rome and met the Pope," says Kylie. "I got to sit in the front because that is where all the sick people go," says Kylie. 

The Pontiff gave her a special blessing. 

"He was like, "Where are you from?" and my mom said, "Iowa," and he said, "Where?" and we had to draw him a map," says Kylie. 

"It was funny he didn't know where Iowa was. He was a nice man with a twinkle in his eyes," says Linda Hayworth, Kylie's mom. 

From the big international trips, to the stops to places in Siouxland, they've checked off Kylie's buckets items as a family and made lasting memories.

"It's something we can cherish forever. It's something we can do together. It's a memory we have," says Haley.

"We've all lived as a family more in the past year than we have ever thought we would do," says Linda. "It's been wonderful spending time together."

The Hayworths are making the most out of the time they have left together. 

"I know she's going to pass, and that's the hard thing," says Linda.

"I like the positives in life and I like smiling and laughing. I just live for today because there might not be tomorrow," says Kylie.

Kylie had another scan at the Mayo Clinic last week. The doctors told her that her tumors have tripled in size in the last six weeks. 

After her trip to Florida, Kylie was able to cross off all of the items on her bucket list.

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