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Healthbeat 4: Hip replacement surgery methods


In the realm of orthopedic surgeons anterior hip replacement is what they're buzzing about. The most common types of hip replacement approaches are posterior and lateral.

Both of which require surgeons to split muscle groups to get to the bone; whereas the anterior hip replacement doesn't split any muscle tissue.

"Ideally creating an environment that facilitates a complete hip replacement and an earlier recovery at the same time," said Dr. Aaron Althaus, orthopedic surgeon at Tri-State Specialist. 

Dr. Althaus said the procedure was first created more than a decade ago for repairing hip fractures.

But with modifications and the creation of a special operating table it has evolved into the newest method in hip replacements.

"This table allows you to put the leg in a certain position to really facilitate exposure to being able to put an implant into the femur safely ," said Dr. Aaron Althaus. 

Dr. Althaus said it's a less painful surgery and without cutting into the muscle allows a quicker recovery.

He explained the perfect candidate for this approach is someone who is active and motivated to get back on their feet.

Dr. Althaus said Unity Point-St. Luke's recently got the specialized table and hopes to offer the operation in August. 

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