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Siouxland dermatologists talk about sunscreen and summer activities


With summer in full swing, many of us have hit the pool, or enjoyed the summer sun.

But, how can we make sure the sunscreen we're using offers us the right protection?

For many, summer time means pool days, boating and other outdoor activities.

But more outdoor time also means more sun exposure, and without the right amount of sunscreen, it can damage our skin. 

"And that causes liver spots, wrinkles and skin cancer; which can be very dangerous," said dermatologist, Dr. Raymond Kuwahara.

Dermatologists recommend one ounce of sunscreen to cover your body and about one-third of a teaspoon for your face. 

Dr. Kuwahara says spray sunscreen is easier to apply, especially for young kids. 

However, it can be difficult to make sure you've covered your entire body. 

"With sprays, sometimes you're not able to spray enough gel and lotions are easy to use and you will use enough," said dermatologist, Dr. Raymond Kuwahara.

When shopping for a sunscreen, the SPF level can be an important factor.

SPF stands for sun protection factor, and determines how much light enters the skin. 

"SPF 30 means that 1/30 of the UV light is able to penetrate the skin, that means it blocks 29/30," said dermatologist, Dr. Raymond Kuwahara. "It allows about three percent."

Other factors when choosing a sun screen are broad spectrum. It gives you protection from UVA and UVB rays. 

Also, if you plan to be in the water, having waterproof sunscreen is best. 

On top of sunscreen, there are other ways to prevent sun damage. 

"To seek shade, to cover yourself from direct sunlight, such as stay in a building and stay out of the sun between 10 and 4," said dermatologist, Dr. Raymond Kuwahara. "Another way is wear long sleeve shirt, long pants a wide brim hat."

And as always, don't forget to re-apply.

Dr. Kuwahara recommends SPF 30, or above, for your everyday outdoor activity.

Also, if you like to wear sunscreen underneath your makeup Dr. Kuwahara says SPF 15 works for everyday use.

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