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Service dogs in "Partners for Patriots" program will get a new home


Dogs who provide a service to veterans are getting a new home.     

Partners for Patriots trains and provides service dogs for disabled veterans. 

Dogs are also given to veterans who suffer from post traumatic stress and it's all for free. 

The group has been keeping their nine dogs at various locations.

But now, they've finally found a permanent home for all of their dogs.

"Yes," said Cindy Brodie, Partners for Patriots Director and Lead Trainer. "It's a diamond in the rough. But after looking so long for an acreage we have to look at what's underneath. And underneath I see the training center, and everything that we need." 

The dream has been four years in the making. 

It is a  location in Anthon Iowa for a training center where  all their dogs can be together.

"It's very emotional, said Brodie. "Because it's finally happening."

Cindy Brodie is the Director and Lead Trainer for Partners for Patriots, the group that provides service dogs to disabled veterans. 

"And what it does for the veterans, like I said I can't even begin to explain how much it helps these guys, said Brodie. "And they deserve it. They gave so much for us. They deserve this." 

Each dog has their own training tailored to the need of each veteran.

This is JAG. He's a puppy in training. 

His trainer said JAG is learning to walk beside her and sit and lie down. 

Jag is just one of 9 dogs. Trainers say in about 2 years he'll be able to go to his veteran.

Hero is another service dog with Partners for Patriots. His trainers are teaching him to pick things up and to be leaned on. They said it helps veterans who have a lack of mobility and balance issues. 

"It's for the veterans," said Autumn Conrad, Partners for Patriots Puppy Raiser. "They're really going to benefit from having a great service dog. It could save a life."

George Semple is on the Board of Directors for Partners for Patriots. He said the impact the dogs have for veterans is unbelievable. 

"I've seen them make beds,"said George Semple, Partners for Patriots Board of Directors Member. "Assist in balance, assist in getting them food and on and on and on."

But, Brodie said they still need help to fix up the new location so they can get these dogs out there. 

"I don't care if they want to donate funds, if they want to donate materials or time," said Brodie. "We'll take it."

Brodie said one of the buildings will house temporary kennels within the next three weeks. It will also eventually feature indoor and outdoor runs.

Brodie said if they get the money they need, they could get the center up and running by the fall.

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