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A new facility at the Spencer Hospital is providing mothers with a comfortable setting for before and after they give birth.

The new addition to the hospital cost between $4,200,000 and $4,800,000 and provides new mom's with a relaxing atmosphere right when they check in.

Tuesday, the hospital is holding tours of the labor and delivery team's new location.

Mothers don't have to switch rooms between labor and after giving birth. They stay in the same location.

There are also whirlpool tubs for pain management during labor.

The location of the birth center is for some, more convenient. 

"Instead of having 25 percent of our patients utilize that and also having our anesthesia crews still come up three flights and physicians having to come up and not being very comfortable with that room that they don't use very often, what if we just access our current operating room," said Jeannette Hasley, director of the Birth Center. "And, so we built this beautiful unit here on our first floor and are utilizing our current operating room."    

Mom's aren't the only ones who can take advantage of the room.

There are work stations that pull out of the wall for nurses.

And dads have the option of sleeping in the room on a pullout couch.

Some other special features include an added layer of infant security.

Babies will wear bands that will set of alerts if they go through specific secure areas.

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