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HEALTHBEAT 4: Physical therapy beneficial for more than just post-surgery recovery


When most people think of physical therapy, they assume it's for recovery after surgery.

But, local doctors say people who haven't had surgery can benefit as well. 

Physical therapists at Tri-State Specialists say physical therapy is an effective tool to help patients build their strength and mobility back up.

Isaac Tubbesing is a Physical Therapist with Tri-State Specialists. He says physical therapy is most common after surgery. But, they often see patients that have chosen not to have surgery. 

"We also see patients that haven't had surgery and would prefer not to have surgery or want to prevent future injuries down the road," says Isaac Tubbesing, Tri-State Specialists Physical Therapist.

Tubbesing says physical therapy helps with gaining mobility and building strength.

"We show them activities to do at home in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle," says Tubbesing. 

However, Tubbesing says they most commonly see patients after a shoulder, knee, or hand surgery. 

"The way I like to explain it to the patients is that the surgeon, the orthopedic surgeon, gives the patient the ceiling of how high they're going to get to after surgery," says Tubbesing. "And the physical therapist gives them the tools to reach that ceiling, but it's up to the patient to use the tools to reach that ceiling themselves."

Tubbesing says physical therapy for patients after surgery, focuses on what they call functional movements, such as getting up and down on the stairs.

"We can address strength and range of motion and deficiencies that they may have after surgery to get them back on the road to recovery and resume activities that they like to do," Tubbesing.

Tubbesing says physical therapy provides benefits for both those who have and haven't had surgery.

"We can get you stronger," says Tubbesing. "We can get you moving in ways that you would like to do, that you haven't been able to do in the past."

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