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A sweet 16 blood drive


Sarah Waldner isn't your typical 16 year old and waiting to get behind the wheel.

"Driving is actually not one of her big things," said Amy Monroe.

Instead Sarah wanted to celebrate another milestone that comes with turning 16, giving blood. 

"Turning 16 it was my first time to donate and I didn't want to do it alone," said Sarah Waldner. "My favorite grandpa also donated seven gallons in his life and

I felt like it was my chance to donate and then I could also help out and give more by hosting a blood drive." 

She named it the Justice League Blood Drive: It's Your Turn to Be A Hero.

The sole organizer, Sarah had to get food and find the donors, including her mother, Amy who has donated more than a gallon of blood.

"Just really proud of her, she's always been one to help people and do what she can," said Amy Monroe, Sarah's mom. 

While Sarah said she was a little nervous to donate for the first time, it wasn't bad. 

"Everybody said it was going to be so horrible and I was going to pass out and it was going to hurt but it was really easy," said Waldner. 

Sarah plans to donate every eight weeks and continue to make a difference. 

"I can save three lives with that bag of blood, I'm doing something and saving lives, I'm making a difference," said Waldner. 

Sarah was able to get 33 people to donate just short of her goal of 40, which the folks at LifeServe was a big goal!

She plans to host this blood drive every year.

Also, if she donates one gallon of blood between her junior and senior year LifeServe Blood Center will give her a red cord to wear at graduation. 

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