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Siouxland man helps mother after devastating Louisiana flood


There are phone calls many of us wait for and others we never hope to get. 

Siouxlander Greg Summer received the latter from his mother Sunday, who was one of the thousands of victims of flooding in Louisiana.

"By about midnight that night, she had about two feet of water in the house, and it was still rising," said Greg. "She ended up going up in the attic and being rescued the next morning by the sheriff, who actually pulled a boat up to the eve of the house and had to cut a hole in the roof to get her out."

Days after the scary situation, Greg, a Dakota Dunes, South Dakota resident, who works with a CF Industries contractor, went home to help his family pick up the pieces.

Greg made his way to his mother's house, in Baton Rouge, she's lived in for 30 years.

75-year-old Hattie Summer, who is now safe, is one of many left in shock.

"She's told me she doesn't want to move back into the house," said Greg. "You know she wants to move back up to Mississippi where her family's from. I think she's just been traumatized where I don't think it will ever be the same for her to live in that home."

Like many other families affected, Hattie's windows, furniture, appliances and other necessities have been swept away by the devastating flood, leaving only a few memories behind.

"I lost a lot of my old photo albums, a lot of my old high school stuff, all my yearbooks, said Greg. "You know, a lot of my childhood went away with the water. It's been rough kind of going through and kind of losing part of your life."

Regardless, Greg says they have to keep moving on. 

"The process is really just getting rid of what you know is lost and then doing your best to save you know, what you think is possibly savable."

Greg says his family has put in an application with FEMA and is waiting to hear back.

Thankfully, he says his mother had flood insurance.

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