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Salmon farm looking for support in Siouxland


While the midwest is well-know for agriculture, aquaculture is quickly gaining ground, aquaculture is quickly gaining ground.

On Thursday, a group was in Sioux City trying to gain investors for a salmon farm in western Iowa. 

Representatives of Inland Sea talked about the proposed facility in Harlan.    

It's a process known in Europe, but new to America.

Backers think Iowa is an ideal place for the farm.

"Because we produce feed ingredients very cost-effectively and so fish feed; feed is a product of force in Iowa," said Kevin Kimle, Inland Sea CEO. "Transportation to a big part of the country is relatively easy. Our interstates and highways are good so we can transport fresh salmon from one place to the next for a very good price."

If they can get enough support, the farm could produce around 5.3 million pounds of salmon, every year.

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