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South Sioux City, NE uses recycled motor oil to heat buildings in the winter


Chances are, when you change the oil in your car, truck or SUV, you don't think twice about stuff you just took out.

But, city leaders in South Sioux City, Nebraska, do. They're giving that old oil new life. And, it might just save the city money.

South Sioux City, Nebraska, has an oil recycling program that is not only environmentally friendly, but is saving the city money. They use the motor oil to heat their buildings in the winter. "It is a very simple process," said Bob Livermooer, South Sioux City Public Works Director. "We have a large tank a 2,000 gallon tank that we store the oil in, it is just simply pumped into the heat exchanger unit and burned just like any other oil type burner. This one is a bit specialized, there is yearly maintenance done on it but for the most part it is maintenance free."

The only requirement for dropping off oil is that it is clean, meaning no dirt, antifreeze, water or any other liquids.

You can drop of your used motor oil at the Public Works Building. That's at 125 East 26th St. You can drop it off, Monday through Friday, from 7:30am - 3:30pm. 

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