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Protesters demonstrate in cities across the nation against the Dakota Access Pipeline

(CNN) -

"Water is sacred! "Water is Life!"

Demonstrators gathered in cities from coast to coast and throughout the heartland Tuesday, protesting in support of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and against the construction of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline.

A protester said, "I do this because I want clean drinking water for my future generations."

Plans for finishing the pipeline include tunneling under a lake and river that the Standing Rock Tribe relies on for drinking water.

The concern is that digging under those water sources will create a risk of leaks, spills, and contamination.

Senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, adding his voice to thousands across the country opposing the project.

Sanders said, "We are not going to allow a pipeline to endanger the clean water that millions of people depend upon."

The companies behind the Dakota Access Pipeline insist that the risks are low.

Kelcy Warren, CEO, Energy Transfer Partners said, "I think the chances of this pipeline leaking is extremely remote."

Those same companies, slamming the Army Corps of Engineers' Monday decision to halt further construction on and around the lake and taking their case to court.

The Corps, saying it needs to discuss the issue further with the Standing Rock Tribe and that it hasn't decided whether to grant an easement for continued construction.

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