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Local elementary students construct way to give back to community


Local elementary students are giving back to their community in a constructive way this holiday season.

The kids at Morningside STEM Elementary have spent the last several days building sculptures using canned goods.

It's called the Can Do! Engineering Challenge.

Students from every class brought canned goods from home to donate to the project.

One student in particular says she does think about where the cans will go and that this isn't the first time she's wanted to help feed the hungry.

"On Thanksgiving, I do," said Kayla Burton. "One time when I was like 3 or 4, I donated cans to people."

Principal Dawn Stansbury says that while it was a creative and fun project for the kids to take part in, building these structures was also a perfect STEM learning experience.

"They've measured their structure, they've measured the diameter of the cans and cut construction paper to cover the cans, they've measured the whole weight of what their structure is by measuring the ounces of the cans and working on addition," said Stansbury. "So, it's really met a lot of our STEM focus areas."

A panel of local Sioux City celebrity judges will pick the winner at the Sioux City Public Schools Foundation event tomorrow night.

The winners will take a field trip to North High to help deliver all 2,664 cans that were donated to the North High School Food Pantry.

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