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ARCHIVE STORY: Isack Abdinur found guilty in stabbing death; victim's family finds closure in verdict


"I'm really glad that they read the verdict that we were all hoping was coming," said Stead's niece, Shauna Avery. 

Isack Abdinur is found guilty in a stabbing of 43-year-old Cornelia Stead at a house on 16th Street in Sioux City.

Family members testified they were skeptical of Abdinur from the start - and grew even more concerned when the couple moved in together after just a few months of dating.

Witnesses testified Abdinur drank heavily and made violent threats toward Stead. 

Stead's niece, Leslie Kanoyer, testified that Stead repeatedly screamed "no" at Abdinur, then he proceeded to stab her.

"You know, it tore our family apart, in a lot of different ways," said Avery. "This verdict today is helping us get our family back together."

After Abdinur waived his right to a jury, the verdict was left in the hands of Woodbury County Judge Steven Andreasen.

Andreasen said the prosecution proved without reasonable doubt that Abdinur stabbed Stead multiple times with full malice and intent.

He said the prosecution also proved Stead's death was the cause of the stab wounds.

The defense argued that Abdinur was insane at the time of Stead's death.

A psychologist for the defense diagnosed Abdinur with schizophrenia, but Andreasen concluded they didn't do enough to prove Abdinur's insanity.

Stead's family says the guilty verdict is helping them move on from mourning her death, but they know nothing can bring her back. 

"She was a mom, an aunt, a sister," said Avery. "It's hard. And all we have right now is memories."

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