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West coast battered by storms

Heavy Rain on West Coast Heavy Rain on West Coast

Oregon's governor Kate Brown declares state of emergency after winter storm dumps over one foot of snow in downtown Portland.

And parts of California are reeling from storms that have triggered flooding, avalanches and forced dozens of people from their homes, but the heavy rain and snow could help ease the drought that has gripped the state.

Andy Rose has the latest.

Be careful what you wish for... After suffering though drought conditions since 2014, California is finally getting the rain and snow they have been hoping for.

Unfortunately, it is seems to be too much, too fast.

mos: "it rained so hard that you can't see out the windshield."

Parts of California have seen more than seven inches of rain since Monday
causing rivers and lakes to rise rapidly.

And another 5 to 10 inches could fall throughout the next week.

The influx of water has knocked over trees and caused mudslides in areas weakened by years of drought.

People were rescued in Jollister, California after their neighborhood was flooded with several feet of water.

Blizzard warnings have been issued for the sierra Nevada mountains, where 5 to 10 feet of snow have already accumulated along the Nevada state line.

A portion of Interstate 80, the main east-west connector through northern California, has been shut as state workers try to clear an avalanche that fell across the eastbound portion of the road.

and across the state line in Portland, Oregon, a heavy snowstorm brought the evening commute to a crawl Tuesday, stranding motorists...

mos: "we knew the storm was coming and we were trying to beat it, but we didn't quite make it."

"If anyone wants to come out to I-5 and give some food or something to us, our cars, please do because, you know, it's going to be wild."

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