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KTIV launches “SkyLink 4” Drone

Jake Rains flying "SkyLink 4". Jake Rains flying "SkyLink 4".

KTIV is leading the way with news coverage in Siouxland to be the first TV news station in Siouxland to go on the air with a licensed drone and certified drone pilot.

KTIV’s “SkyLink 4” Drone launched this week. Using aerial imaging technology, the system is outfitted with an ultra-high resolution camera that can be controlled by our SkyLink 4 pilot, Jake Rains. Video can be recorded directly on the camera or sent back to the station for live coverage while the drone is in flight.

“We are excited to bring this new technology to our viewers, “ said KTIV Station Manager, Bridget Breen. “Our SkyLink 4 drone is our first step into this new technology that continues to evolve. This is a big advancement for us and how we can bring our viewers the best possible news coverage in Siouxland.”

When not piloting our new drone, Rains is also KTIV’s Promotions and PSA Coordinator and has been an avid drone hobbyist. In order to fly for KTIV, Rains had to become certified by the Federal Aviation Administration as a drone pilot. His preparation involved extensive study and taking a test to get his certification.

“I’ve been flying drones for over two years now,” said Rains. “This opportunity really allows me to use my expertise and help the station expand how it covers breaking news and important stories.”

Rains shared some interesting facts about drones such as FAA regulations do not allow flight above 400 feet and that drones can go a range from 1500 feet from the operator and must stay within the pilot’s field of view. The drone can also fly up to 40 miles per hour.

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