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Sioux City Community Schools stay ready for upcoming winter storm


With severe winter weather on the way to start the week, you would think that school districts in Siouxland would need to take extra precautions when it comes to student transportation.

But the truth is, what some would call extra precautions, the maintenance staff for the Sioux City Community school district call just another day at the office.

School buses are always connected to block heaters whenever not in use and are started plenty early before picking up students.

Each bus also has all-season tires to be able to safely handle road conditions.

The only thing that severe winter conditions might change is students' arrival time to school.    

"Our bus drivers are always of course very cautious. Transporting students and student safety is of utmost concern to us and top priority," says Sioux City Community Schools' Operations & Maintenance Director, Brian Fahrendholz.

"Our drivers also have a little bit more time. Oftentimes, they're a little bit behind schedule, just because we want them to be more safe than sorry when it comes to transporting the students."

And for anyone who thinks a snow day means a day off for all students and staff, that's not the case.

For maintenance and custodial staff, snow days mean an entire day of snow and ice removal on school property.

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