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Briar Cliff students impacted by mission trip to Honduras


Eighteen Briar Cliff University students experienced an impactful mission trip to Honduras recently.

During Briar Cliff's J-Term, the students helped level new construction ground near the town of Gracias.

They spent 11 days surrounded by beautiful mountains and scenic views while working.

This is the 13th year the university has provided this opportunity for students.

One student talked about the impact the trip made on her life. 

"It really made me reflect on who I am as a person and just who I want to be and I really think the Honduras experience changed me for the better." 

Sidney Marks also wrote an article about what she was thankful for on her trip back home.

But the trip not only effected students but staff members as well.

One staff member said the experience is rewarding for everyone involved.

"Uh so it's kinda a one in a lifetime experience, that you can't get in a text book. It's um, people to people contact and that changes us."

Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors at Briar Cliff are elligible to apply for the mission trip.

The students that go on this trip get credit for a global studies course that is required. 

They will be advertising for next year's trip this April.


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