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Former lawyer becomes local florist in Siouxland


After spending 20 years of her career as a lawyer, a Siouxland woman is finding joy in another field, as the owner of a florist shop.

This is Honeysuckle Hollow Floral Design's third Valentine's Day.

It all started with a new years resolution three years ago, and the business has been a success ever since.

After being in law school, then working with abused and neglected children as a child advocate representative, she wanted to help people through a different outlet. 

 "You can imagine after 14 years i was just looking for something to do while I was doing law that would just bring a little joy and beauty rather than all the sadness," said Owner of Honeysuckle Hollow, Mercedes Ivener.

Not only are the flowers unique, but the shop itself is as well. 

They open their shop once a month and have a large flower sale.

They sell beautiful flowers, and they support local art that they display in their store.

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