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"A Day Without Immigrants" movement comes to Siouxland


The movement for "A Day Without Immigrants" spread throughout the country, as those participating decided to not go to work or spend money. 

The idea behind the movement was for people to see what just one day would be like without immigrants and that impact was felt at schools in at least one city as well.

 In South Sioux City, there was a noticeable drop in students attending class Thursday.

"We have approximately 1,200 students at our high school. There's about 240 students that are unverified, that were not reported excused by parents at this point" says South Sioux City Schools Superintendent Todd Strom. 

But, high schoolers weren't the only students who didn't show up for class.

Strom says out of the 850 kids enrolled at the middle school, 180 were absent. 

And that number of students missing on Thursday is out of the norm for the district. 

"That would be significantly higher. We average a 94 to 95% attendance rate at our high school and a little bit higher than that at the middle school" says Strom 

Strom says staff didn't participate in "A Day Without Immigrants". 

He says they were in class, making sure the students who did show up were able to have a lesson plan in place. 

"We have several hundred students that are in our building today receiving education that's been prepared by hard working teachers and some of those students that are not here may be ill. It's not up to us to judge in this case and then it's always the parents choice whether or not to take advantage of that free appropriate education" says Strom.

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