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Dakota City road crews work to clear important routes


Dakota City road crews have been out all day working to clear the several inches of snow that were dumped in the area. 

They start with the main roads then work their way out to side streets, then out to the gravel roads. 

But, the city has to make sure important routes are cleared first. 

"We always try and focus on making sure that our main area in town is clear. So, 14th street and Broadway. We try to focus on that a lot. We're also focusing on the area between the waste water plant and the water plant to make sure that we have access to that at all times, fire hall. We're always trying to make sure that our clerical facilities are clear and individuals who need to access those facilities are able to do so." said Alyssa Silhacek, Dakota City City Administrator. 

Silhacek says drivers still need to be cautious when out on the roads. 

She says the heavier wet snow make things more slick when out on the streets. 

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