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Local elementary featured in a special documentary


A South Sioux City Elementary school was selected to be in a documentary that raises awareness about Nebraska's Public Schools.

Nebraska Loves Public Schools was at Cardinal Elementary school Tuesday afternoon filming teachers, students and parents.

The group has been around since 2011 and has made over fifty films on different issues.

The goal of the film is to show how education isn't a one size fits all figure, and to show the positive stories within all Public Schools.

"We filmed with the professional learning community so we looked at the teachers who are talking about curriculum and standards and each kid individually. So the second part of that is we're looking at how this is practically applied. How are teachers implementing those strategies and helping those kids in the ways that they need it to improve and grow in their strengths," said Brittany Mascio, Marketing Director of Nebraska Loves Public Schools.

The filming crew plans on making their way over to South Sioux City's Middle school tomorrow to feature them as well in another documentary.

The film is scheduled to premier May 1st online.


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